SOLA QQI Level 8 Course - Quality Management

Issued on December 7 2020

Who would benefit from undertaking this course?

The course is aimed at Administrators, Development Workers, Managers, Services Users, Volunteers and Board Members of Community and Voluntary Organisations.



Participants will explore and apply a number of principles, tools and methodologies, designed to identify and eliminate ‘wasteful practices’ and achieve efficiencies in their organisations.



The programme consists of four Saturdays’ and one Wednesdays’ tuition staggered over ten to twelve weeks with group assignments based on the learning from each of the class days.


Day 1: Introduction to Quality: Developing Priority Areas

Day 2: Total Quality Management I: Evidence Based Self-Assessment

Day 3: Managing Through Facts – Lean Thinking, Six Sigma and Auditing: Collecting Information

Day 4: Total Quality Management II: Implement, Review & Continuous Improvement

Day 5: Total Quality Management III: Supply Chain, Costs & Problem Solving: Developing Appropriate Action Plans



Classes will be delivered online from 9:30am to 2:30pm

  1. Saturday 13 February 2021
  2. Saturday 6 March 2021
  3. Saturday 20 March 2021
  4. Wednesday 14 April 2021
  5. Saturday 24 April 2021


July Stimulus Package

This module will be run under the ‘July Stimulus Package’ which provides for 90% or 100% funding depending on your employment status. Those in employment will pay €95 for this course.


To apply for AU3131 please complete section A of the attached form and follow link below. Each application MUST include a completed version of the ‘Module Preference Form’ by the 14 December 2020 to qualify for the package.


Places on this course are limited so we advise admitting your application as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


To make an application please

  1. Provide printed Proof of Employment Status.
  2. Complete attached Module Preference Form - Upload completed form

under 'Other Documents'.

  1. Open link above.
  2. Click APPLY NOW, then *new user’. From there you will create a

username and password, please take note of these in case you need to

save the application and return to it later. Remember to use upper and

lower case letters, numbers and symbols in both the username and


  1. Upload three documents:
  • Module Preference form
  • Proof of Employment Status
  • Copy of Passport


Course Fee: See 'July Stimulus Package' above. For applications after the 14 December, SOLA students will still receive a special discounted fee of €500. DFI members receive an additional discount of €100.


For further information contact Claire Gallery on 061 213360 or