Live Consultations

From time to time there will be opportunities offered by various Government Departments and other organisations to make a submission or offer feedback to ongoing consultations, which are specifically relevant to disabled people and the disability sector. We aim to include these here with the relevant closing dates. 

Please email us if you are aware of others that you think disabled people and organisations should be aware of. 

The following are the current live consultations that we are aware of: 

Note: 20 February 2024 Consultation on the development of the NDA strategy

The closing date for submissions to the consultation informing the development of the National Disability Authority's new three-year strategic plan has been further extended to Wednesday 28 February 2024. 

Clci here for all the information you need on making a submission.

Public Consultation on the Autism Innovation Strategy - Closing date Friday 1 March 2024 

Minister of State with Special Responsibility for Disability, Anne Rabbitte, has launched a further public consultation on the Autism Innovation Strategy. You can read the press release here. 

The Autism Innovation Strategy aims to address the bespoke challenges and barriers facing autistic people and to improve understanding and accommodation of autism within society and across the public system. The Strategy contains actions that will be undertaken across Government to better support autistic people and their families. The duration of the Strategy will be 18 months.

The Autism Innovation Strategy will complement and enhance wider action on disability by focusing on areas where there are bespoke needs for autistic people.

The purpose of this further public consultation is to seek views on the draft Autism Innovation Strategy before it is finalised and launched in the coming months.

The draft Autism Innovation Strategy has been prepared based on the contributions to the initial public consultation and following discussions with Departments and Agencies across Government to agree actions under the Strategy.

In Ireland, autistic people can still face multiple, varied and complex challenges and barriers in all facets of their daily lives, and throughout their lives, from infancy, through childhood, into adulthood and old age. The Autism Innovation Strategy will pursue clear, simple actions to make a meaningful difference to the lives of autistic people and their families over an 18-month period.

Click here for all the supporting document. You can send a written submission, complete and easy to read submission document or do an online survey which will take about 10-15 minutes. All the information is on this link but you must have your submission in no later than 4.00pm on Friday 1 March 2024. 

Public consultation on adult safeguarding in the health and social care sector - Closing date 13 March 2024 

The Minister for Mental Health and Older People, Mary Butler, has opened a public consultation on new proposals to further safeguard adults receiving services in the health and social care sector.

Safeguarding means putting specific measures in place to protect those who may be at risk of abuse.

The new policy proposals outlined in the consultation aim to further prevent abuse, respond to suspected abuse and intervene as necessary in the health and social care sector, and to support adults’ decision-making rights. Reforms to strengthen the relevant existing legal framework are also proposed.

The new policy will:

  • apply to all public, private and voluntary healthcare and social care services.
  • strengthen the existing adult safeguarding policy framework for health and social care services.
  • aim to uphold the rights of at-risk service users to make their own decisions, to foster a strong culture of safeguarding throughout all services, and to support effective. intervention when necessary to protect at-risk service users against abuse.

An online consultation portal is now open, allowing people to submit their views on the policy proposals.

The public consultation will close at 5.00pm on Wednesday, 13 March 2024. For more information on the online consultation (including information about Easy to Read and other response formats), go to:

Green Paper on Disability Reform - Closing date for submissions 15 March 2024 

The Green Paper is a significant policy development which proposes a number of potential changes to Ireland’s social protection approach to disability. If you haven’t yet, we would strongly encourage you to read up on this proposal and to make a submission.&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li><strong><a href="">Read more and find the Green Paper here</a><u>.</u></strong></li> <li><strong><a href="">Watch or read the transcript of a recent Oireachtas Committee discussion on the Green Paper. </a></strong></li> <li><strong><a href="">Watch the expert presentations made at the Department’s Dublin consultation event</a>.</strong></li> </ul> <p>ENDS&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>