Complaints Process

The Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) have a complaints process in place. This process has been developed to ensure all complaints to DFI are dealt with in an open efficient and sensitive manner with highest regard for our users, partners and our stakeholders. DFI has put in place this complaints process to ensure a proactive response to any complaints that may arise, and to address its responsibilities under the Health Act 2004 with regard to responding to, and reporting of, complaints.

DFI invites any person or organisation that has a complaint or has concerns to contact our Complaints Officer and to provide us with information that will assist us to develop and maintain high standards in our relationships and engagement with them and others.

What is a Complaint? 
A complaint may relate to a decision or action concerning the business of
DFI. It may also relate to how DFI carry out its functions for instance it
may be claimed that DFI has carried out its functions while not being in
accordance with:
1. The rules, practices or policies of the organisation,
2. The generally accepted principles of equity and good administrative
3. If it is felt that it adversely affects the person concerned, or if the
complainant believes that he / she was treated in a discourteous or
otherwise unsatisfactory manner.

Please click here to download a PDF of our Complaints Policy in which a complaints form is available to complete. 

You can also download a word version of our complaints form here. 

Version 20/07/2023 

Complaints Officer Contact Details: 

Allen Dunne,
Complaints Officer
Disability Federation of Ireland
Fumbally Court
Fumbally Lane
Dublin 8
Tel: 01 4547978