DFI Elections 2019

We're running a campaign to make disability a top priority for candidates in the Local and European Parliament Elections on the 24th May. If you care about disability issues you need to get involved!

You can do this in many ways. For example;

  • Use our email tool to contact your local and EU elections candidates. Add in your own words or use ours.
  • Arrange for your local club, branch, organisation to bring up disability issues with candidates:
    • Organise a Q & A event with candidates.
    • Attend other events where candidates are speaking and ask questions.
    • If you meet a candidate out and about, or if they come knocking on your door, ask them what they will do about disability issues.
  • Contact your local papers and radio stations to raise disability issues before the elections. Let us know on social media.
  • Get the disability facts for your county here and raise awareness.
  • Get on social media using #DisabilityVotesCount to follow and contribute to the campaign:
    • on Twitter @DisabilityFed and on Facebook @DFIIreland.

Our key asks are outlined in two election manifestos. You can download these here and share them with the candidates. See the key asks below:

Local authority elections:

1. Accessibility - Make sure all local public services are open and accessible for people who have a disability. These include housing, education, transport, leisure and health services.

2. Participation - Ensure the participation of people with disabilities on local decision-making structures such as Public Participation Networks, PPNs, and Linkage Groups.

3. Planning – Make sure your local authority publishes an implementation plan for the UN CRPD by 2020.

European Parliament elections:

1. Accessibility and equality –make products, services and infrastructure accessible to people with disabilities and stop discrimination.

2. Invest European funds in persons with disabilities.


Please let fellow supporters of disability rights in Ireland know about this campaign by sharing the #DisabilityVotesCount hashtag and links to our manifestos.