Who's who in DFI


We have 23, 19 whole time equivalent, staff members located around the country. The staff are headed by a Chief Executive Officer who reports directly to the board through the Chairperson. The management team report to the Chief Executive Officer. All other staff report to their line managers.

DFI pay scales were historically created having regard to scales in civil or public service organisations. However, since 2014 DFI has no longer been able to maintain alignment with these pay scales. Increments have been frozen since 2014 and all posts created since then have been offered a fixed amount. 

Board of Directors

The business of DFI is managed by a Board of Directors. The Board’s role is to provide a high degree of oversight to important decisions.

Company Members

The role of the Company Member is to be the decision maker in shaping the policy of DFI. These people are selected by DFI’s Nominating Bodies.