What our Board does

Our Board of Directors are responsible for; 

  • Keeping an overview of DFI’s direction and progress.  
  • Acting as custodians of DFI’s Constitution.  
  • Assuring that DFI’s assets are protected.  
  • Ensuring that DFI is transparent when making decisions, allocating responsibilities, taking action and reporting back to its stakeholders. 
  • Verifying that DFI is complying with the provisions of the Companies Acts and other statutory and regulatory requirements.  
  • Having regard for the policy decisions made by DFI’s Company Members and reporting to them at the Strategic General Meetings and Annual General Meeting      

Code of conduct for Board members 

Board members should: 

  • Familiarise themselves with their legal obligations. 
  • Familiarise themselves with DFI’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, DFI Board Governance Manual, plans, policies, procedures, programmes and services. 
  • Put the best interests of DFI first. 
  • Review Board papers before meetings. 
  • Abide by any ‘ground rules’ agreed at Board meetings. 
  • Keep contributions at meetings brief and to the point. 
  • Declare any potential conflicts of interest.  
  • Treat others with respect. 
  • Respect the confidentiality of the deliberations at Board meetings and the views expressed by members. 
  • Take joint responsibility for decisions that are made by the Board. 
  • Attend and actively participate at Board meetings. 
  • Attend and actively participate at general meetings. 
  • Serve on committees and working groups and take on any special assignments as necessary. 
  • Undertake agreed actions as soon as possible after meetings. 
  • Refrain from making special requests of staff (that is, not abusing one’s position as a Board member). 
  • Actively and positively promote DFI and its work as appropriate.  
  • Keep up to date on developments in the organisation’s field.