Disability Equality Training

The Disability Federation of Ireland provides practical, evidence-based, strategic solutions for businesses to become a disability confident employer. Underpinning all this work is UNCRPD Article 27 “People with disabilities have the right to work on an equal basis with others”.

This work involves discussion around inclusion and diversity and creating cultures where individuals with disabilities can thrive. We support businesses to be accessible, equitable and inclusive by offering practical, evidence-based strategic solutions to become disability confident. 

Our approach is unique and contemporary as we always include the voice of people with disabilities at every stage of our work when supporting employers to:

  • Rethink recruitment, retention and reflect on the advantage of an inclusive workplace.
  • Tackle the pervasive, outdated perceptions of workers with disabilities in the workforce.
  • Educate employers who think that creating a disability employment stream is costly or complicated.
  • Identify what changes they would need to adapt to become a more inclusive employer and help them put these practical solutions in place.
  • Conduct access audits with a plan for short, medium and long-term goals.
  • Conduct Disability Equality Training, co-delivered and co-designed with people with the lived experience of disability.
  • Recruitment and retention of staff with disabilities within the current legislative framework.[i]

This work is about strategising and leading out on influencing organisational systems and human behaviour to develop a positive culture and a healthy working environment for people with disabilities. By committing to and managing a disability diversity policy/strategy DFI is helping businesses to drive progress and change through embracing inclusive practices.

[i] The Equality Acts 1998-2015 places a legal obligation on all  employers in Ireland to provide reasonable accommodations to potential and existing employees with disabilities. The purpose is to alleviate a substantial disadvantage for a person with a disability and to enable them to have access to employment, to participate or advance in employment, or to undergo training.

Overview of our Disability Equality Training

The Disability Federation of Ireland provide disability equality training to organisations in both an online and in-person format. This training aims to increase awareness and understanding of inclusion in the workplace and provide best practices in customer service for people with disabilities. It also aims to promote employability by creating work environments that are accessible to all staff.  

Some of the key topics covered in our training include: 

  • How disability is viewed in society  
  • The models of disability – medical and social  
  • Disability facts and figures  
  • Government supports available to employers  
  • Real life experiences – the Do’s and Don’ts  
  • Things to consider in a work environment  
  • Legislation and Policy – inclusion laws 

Duration: The training sessions last for two and a half hours. 

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