Disability Votes Count in the Local and EU Elections on Friday 7 June 2024

April 15 2024, 09:23am

Local and EU Elections 2024 landing page  revised


Every five years people elect political representatives to represent them in local government and in the European Parliament. The Local and European elections take place this year on Friday 7 June 2024. It's very important that persons with disabilities use their right to vote. 

Elections provide an excellent opportunity for inclusion and diversity.  The voice of persons with disabilities is a legitimate voice which must be heard and acted upon in local and European decision making.   

Below you will find quick links to our manifestos for the Local and European Elections 2024 and to a dedicated landing page for each election: 

Local Elections 

Click here for our Manifesto 

Click here for a one-page summary version of our Manifesto 

Click here for our Local Elections landing page 

European Elections 

Click here for our Manifesto on the European Elections. 

Click here for a two-page version of our Manifesto 

Take the Disability Pledge - an invitation to Irish candidates in the EU elections.

Click here for our European Elections Landing Page.