Local Elections 2024

Local Elections 2024 - Disability Votes Count 

Local Elections 2024 cartoon Every five years local people elect political representatives to represent them in local government. The local elections take place this year on Friday 7 June 2024. It's very important that persons with disabilities use their right to vote.  

Those elected in June will make decisions for the next five years on issues which directly affect you and your quality of life in your community. By using your vote, you will have a say in who makes those decisions, and how accessible your community can be.  

Elections also provide an excellent opportunity for inclusion and diversity.  The voice of persons with disabilities living in the community is a legitimate voice which must also be heard and acted upon in local decision making.   

Sometimes its easy to forget that local government and the decisions made there are the scaffolding that our lives hang on. Our houses, our roads our footpaths, local transport local education, actions for inclusion and local development, accessible sports and leisure activities, all are funded and driven locally.

We all have a part to play in making our community a better place to live for everyone. 

This original cartoon (above) was created by DFI's PJ Cleere to highlight how often disability votes can be overlooked. It shows candidates calling at the door of the home of a disabled person and asking the person if there are any voters at home! Don't forget to use your vote on Friday 7 June! Disability Votes Count!  


DFI's Manifesto on the Local Elections 2024 

Local elections 2024 manifesto quote 1 The Local Elections are an opportunity for positive change and DFI is calling on all local election candidates to prioritise disability and, if elected, to actively introduce and support measures that enable the inclusion of disabled people in all aspects of community life.

This can centre around five broad themes:

  1. A central role within Local Authorities, which is properly resourced with responsibility around disability inclusion e.g. full-time Disability Access Officer for each Local Authority.

  2. Housing for all.

  3. Participation of disabled people in public and political life.

  4. Accessibility of the built environment and local amenities. 

  5. Access to information in preferred and accessible formats.

There is a danger that we are moving away from independent living as an achievable reality for many disabled people. Disabled people are telling us of increased levels of exclusion from community life.

Click here to read our Manifesto on the Local Elections 2024.

Image: A pull quote of text from our manifesto on the local elections with our logo and a cartoon image of disabled people. 

Short Version of our Manifesto 

Click here for the short version of our Manifesto.


Our Manifesto and the UN CRPD 

The actions outlined in DFI’s Local Election Manifesto support Ireland’s implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, UN CRPD.  The UN CRPD is a human rights treaty developed by the United Nations and outlines the rights of people with disabilities.  The treaty was ratified by Ireland in 2018. It does not create any new rights. Instead, it sets out what countries must do to make sure that people with disabilities have the same rights as everybody else. This includes acknowledgement that people with disabilities may need support to fully exercise their rights.  

The UN CRPD is a powerful tool to make positive change in people’s lives and can be utilised at a local government level. 


Local Election 2024 Video Series 

PJ Cleere, Development Manager with DFI outlines why it's important to vote, the impact of elections on the local community and why disability votes matter. 


Disability Activist Carolyn Akintola on the Local Elections

We will be adding more videos as we head towards the elections on 7 June. 


The DFI Podcast on the Local Elections 

The DFI Podcast Episode Nine Artwork  (1)

In Episode Nine of The DFI Podcast, the official podcast from the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI), we are talking elections 2024 in Ireland.

DFI's Communications Manager Brenda Drumm spoke to Dr Caroline Winstanley of CRC and Lina Kouzi of Vision Ireland about elections and accessibility.

She also spoke with DFI's Development Manager PJ Cleere, about the impact on communities of elections and the importance of disability votes.

And disability activist Carolyn Akintola from Dublin shares her experiences with elections and has the simple ask that there is 'nothing about us, without us' when it comes to disabled people and elections. Just ask!

Click here to listen to the podcast. 

Image: The DFI Podcast Episode Art which has our logo and the photos of the four guests on the podcasts on a dark and light blue background. 

DFI Member Organisations and the Local Elections 2024

We will be sharing details here on the manifestos and asks of our member organisations on the Local Elections 2024. We will also be sharing additional resources from our members on the elections. Do check back here as this will be updated as new materials become available: 

Irish Wheelchair Association -  Measures Needed to Guarantee Voting Accessibility for People with Disabilities 

Click here for more including a survey to determine the obstacles facing people with disabilities when it comes to engaging in the electoral process.

MS Ireland - Your Vote Matters 2024 

MS Ireland is delighted to introduce the "Your Vote Matter2024" guide – a tailor-made resource for the MS community. 

Click here for more and to access a copy of the guide to the electoral process. 


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