Steps to prepare for complying with the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015

March 31 2015, 10:02am



  1. Familiarise yourself and your organisation with the legislation –

  2. Review your organisation’s arrangements for recording relevant communications which might fall within the scope of the Act and identify the key personnel involved.

  3. Where necessary, put in place arrangements to record such information from 1 September next.

  4. Identify individual(s) responsible for registration and compilation of returns. It will be possible to have data entered on the register on an ongoing basis by more than one employee and saved in draft form (on a private area of the register) prior to its formal submission.

  5. Nominate a single responsible person within your organisation who will submit the final return at the end of each reporting period and will confirm that the information is correct.

  6. Use the period from 1 May - 31 August 2015 as a trial period and record any lobbying activity which takes place during this period.

  7. Create an account on (from 1st May onwards) and submit a trial registration and return of any lobbying activity which takes place during the period 1 May – 31 August 2015. None of the information submitted during this period will be available for public scrutiny.

This information was compiled by the INOU following on from the DPER and C&VP meeting.