QQI Level 8 Innovation Management

Issued on November 13 2018

‘Innovation Management: Developing Structured Creativity for Processes and Services for Community and Voluntary Organisations’

This course was developed in response to the significant reduction in funding that organisations have been faced with since the onset of the recession whilst also being required to do more with less, in an environment subject to increasing regulation.

Who would benefit from undertaking this course?

The course is aimed at Administrators; Board Members; Development Workers; Managers; Service Users and Volunteers for Community and Voluntary Organisations.


The aim of the course is to raise participants’ awareness of the level and type of innovation management activities in practice in their own organisation and to enable them to assess how one quality model would or could be implemented in their own organisation.


The programme consists of five Saturdays’ tuition staggered over ten to twelve weeks with group assignments based on the learning from each of the class days.

Day 1: Understanding Innovation, Innovation Strategy and Process in Services

Day 2: The Innovation Process: Idea Generation and Selection

Day 3: The Innovation Process: Implementation and Culture

Day 4: Collaboration for Innovation, Open Innovation & Knowledge Management

Day 5: Leadership and the Ambidextrous Organisation

Course Fee: €500 with discounts available for DFI member organisations

For further information contact Claire Gallery on 061 202960 or claire.gallery@ul.ie