Pre-budget Discussion Forum - 4th October 2012, 12pm to 1.30pm

Issued on October 4 2012

Pre-budget Discussion Forum - 4th October 2012, 12pm to 1.30pm

DFI will host a Pre-Budget Discussion Forum at the Mansion House on Thursday 4th October 2012 from 12.00 p.m. to 1.30 p.m. , and we hope that you will be able to attend.

We expect that DFI members, Party spokespersons, media representatives and other key stakeholders will be present on the day.

In its budget campaign DFI seeks the re-balancing of the Government’s national recovery programme to respect both the social and economic priorities that underpin a successful future.

We identify four priorities for Budget 2013:

  1. The basic standard of living of the most vulnerable, including people with disabilities, must be protected. This means off-setting the impact of any increased charges imposed, or essential services withdrawn, as well as recognising the extra costs that people with disabilities incur. The social justice issue named by the Government leaders makes this a priority.
  2. For people with disabilities community-based services and supports are critical to enabling independence, to seeking work and a fuller life. The Government’s policy objectives cannot be progressed without a greater focus on resourcing such services and supports. Health disability specific and personal social services funded by the HSE particularly merit protection.
  3. An ambitious Implementation Plan for the National Disability Strategy is required, in keeping with the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, where people have dignity, individual autonomy and full and effective participation in Irish society.
  4. Government needs to protect the viability of our community infrastructure, the community and voluntary bodies as well as the locally operating statutory agencies whose interventions underpin ordinary life. Because many different public bodies fund aspects of this social infrastructure, it is essential that the overall, cumulative impact of budget decisions is explicitly considered.

Please confirm your attendance at the DFI Pre-Budget Discussion Forum with or phone (01) 4547978 if you would wish to attend.