DFI Pre-Budget Submission 2024

Issued on June 29 2023

The Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI), is calling on the government to close the gap and to invest in people with disabilities in Budget 2024.

In their Pre-Budget Submission, published today, Thursday 29 June, DFI outlines the high levels of poverty and exclusion that people with disabilities continue to live with. This is despite the growth of the domestic economy and strong finances.

DFI is calling for a range of interwoven measures in Budget 2024 to ensure disabled people have an equal opportunity to live independently in the community, with choices equal to others. This includes appropriate housing, adequate income and individualised social care supports with access to timely integrated healthcare.

DFI is also calling on the government to take action on the crisis affecting the very services that disabled people avail of. These services are under threat and funding is needed to ensure their sustainability, to increase pay by 15%, and to re-instate the link to public sector pay for disability organisations.

DFI also calls for a fully clear Budget Day announcement so disabled people can understand the implications of the budget for them - particularly in the areas of health and housing.