DFI Advocacy Plan 2024 - 2026 Summary Making the Change Happen

Issued on December 7 2023

To guide our prioritisation of issues, resource allocation and improve effectiveness our first three-year Advocacy Plan provides a framework on where, why, what, and how we do our advocacy work. The plan relates to the advocacy areas we can plan for, but allowance is also made for those issues that are unknown. We will continue to be flexible and agile in response to emerging concerns.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) commits Ireland to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights by all disabled persons. And yet, in Ireland, disabled people are significantly poorer than the general population, are much less likely to be in paid employment, and have worse health outcomes including having much higher levels of depression. Closing that gap is at the core of the Disability Federation of Ireland’s work, and advocacy is one of our primary tools for achieving this.

Our advocacy spans numerous policy areas, health operations and strategy and the community including representation to local authorities. DFI continues to play a critical role, as a way for Government Departments, Government officials, statutory bodies such as the Health Service Executive and elected representatives to liaise with a wide range of organisations more efficiently.

Our Advocacy Plan Summary Document has the following sections:

1. Introduction 

2. Areas in which we do our advocacy 

3. How we choose what to focus on

4. What we will work on: Our current priorities 

5. Monitoring, evaluating and adjusting the plan

6. References 

The full version of DFI's three-year Advocacy Plan is available on request. Email: info@disability-federation.ie


Front cover image: Coloured squares, with cartoon image of cogs of a wheel that is being moved. DFI logo is also on the front cover.