The Neuro-Mapping Project

The Neuro-Mapping Project Phase 2: Working together towards integrated care in the community, for people with neuro rehabilitative needs

The Neuro Mapping Project Phase Two

News and Events 

5 May 2024: Service Provider Consultation sessions CHO 6 and CHO 2

26 March 2024: Briefing Meetings for Service Providers in CHO 2 and CHO 3 in April 2024 

14 March 2024: Update and Work Plan from January - July 2024 

10 January 2023: New Information Leaflets launched ahead of consultations in January and February 2024 

20 December 2023: Information Webinars for Service Providers in CHO 3 

Background to the Project

The Health Service Executive (HSE), Neurological AIliance of Ireland (NAI) and the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) are the project partners on the Neuro-Mapping Project. 

Dr Nicola O’Malley is the Neuro Mapping Research Project Officer.  The Neuro-Mapping Steering Group has been established to advise and guide the work and the overall governance for this project sits with the National HSE Neuro Rehab steering group. 

In April 2023, the report and outputs of the first phase of neuro-mapping project were published.  Whilst the findings of this work acknowledged the key role that voluntary organisations play in providing community-based services to people with a neurological condition across Ireland, it noted the need to harness opportunities to enable further integration between statutory and voluntary community-based services, to optimize access.    

Phase Two will seek to further understand the current service and support pathways that occur between existing and developing statutory and voluntary community-services for people with neuro-rehabilitative needs in CHO 2, 3 and 6.  The information obtained will inform the work of the Community Workstream of the Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy which had its first meeting in November 2023.   

The key actions to deliver are detailed below:  

  1. Updating the Service Mapping Template (developed in Phase One) so that it will encompass statutory service provision.   
  2. Carry out engagement with people with neurological conditions living in the community (CHO 2,3,6) to understand the challenges they  
    face in accessing services in the community that support their neuro-rehabilitative needs.   
  3. Use participatory engagement techniques to get a greater understanding of existing service pathways (CHO 2,3,6) with input from all those who provide services in the community that support the neuro rehabilitative needs of those people living in the community. 
  4. Find ways to assimilate the language used in the service mapping template into future frameworks for consistency and ease of signposting and planning.   



Meet our Service User Representatives:

Joe Condon and Dr Rosie Mangan are the service user representatives on the Neuro Mapping Steering Group.  They explain in these video clips why they are participating in this project and why views of people who require neuro rehabilitation services are a key component to the Neuro-Mapping Project.   

Watch Joe's video: 

Watch Rosie's video: 

Contact Us: 

If you would like to get in touch with us about the Neuro-Mapping Project please email Dr Nicola O'Malley