Once-off measures in Budget 2023 will not address the ongoing extra cost of disability

September 27 2022

Budget 2023 Response Visual 2

Press Statement from the Disability Federation of Ireland

27 September 2022 – Immediate  

Once-off measures in Budget 2023 will not address the ongoing extra cost of disability 

Responding to Budget 2023, the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI), cautiously welcomed the one-off measures to support people with disabilities but warned that disability poverty is not a one-off issue.  

Allen Dunne, Deputy CEO of DFI, said, “Disabled people and their families live in poverty and exclusion in every community across Ireland - 1 in 5 people who rely on Disability Allowance to survive live in consistent poverty, while 2 in 5 are at risk of poverty.  

“Along with other anti-poverty organisations we had called for a €20 increase in core social protection rates to keep up with inflation and prevent a rise in inequality and poverty. Although the Minister referenced inflation, this increase falls significantly short at €12, meaning disabled people will face a real drop in income in 2023.”

Allen continued, “however we do welcome the acknowledgement by Minister Michael McGrath in the Budget that disabled people live with many extra costs. This once off €500  ‘cost of disability payment’ must become a permanent annual payment – only then can we begin to decrease Ireland’s shockingly high disability poverty rates.

“We are looking for further clarity on the Health Budget announcements and we will respond in due course.” 

Editor’s Note:  

  • 2 in 5 people not working due to disability are at risk of poverty, while 1 in 5 live in consistent poverty. These rates are now 4-5 times higher than the general population.
  • The average annual extra cost of living with a disability is between €8,700 and €12,300. The annual means tested income provided by Disability Allowance in 2022 is €10,816.

Indecon Cost of Disability Report: Indecon International Consultants were commissioned by the Department of Social Protection to carry out research into the cost of disability in Ireland in 2019. Their report was published by the Department in December 2021. The report established that disabled individuals live with extra costs ranging from €8,700 - €12,300 per year, as well as extra unaffordable costs for items and areas of expenditure that they could not afford, averaging €2,706 a year [1].

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For media contact: 

Brenda Drumm, Communications Manager, Disability Federation of Ireland on 086 076 4114