Cost of Disability Report - Publication is welcome but Action Plan now required

December 8 2021

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Six leading disability organisations have welcomed the publication of the report on the Cost of Disability.


The 200-page report examines the extra costs faced by disabled people. It concludes that the typical annual cost amounts to up to €12,300 for people with severe disabilities and up to €10,000 for those with limited disabilities. The report also contains powerful testimony from people themselves as to how the lack of supports impacts on their lives.


John Dolan, CEO of the Disability Federation of Ireland, said “the report is very comprehensive. It is irrefutable evidence of the severe financial challenges faced by many disabled people in Ireland.


“We would like to commend Indecon and the Department of Social Protection for their comprehensive work on this report and engaging with thousands of disabled people on the project.”


“But we must also learn the lessons of the past. We have had two reports before on this issue – one in the nineties and one in the noughties – that went nowhere. We now need action through the next Budget to put money into people’s pockets along with advances in education, housing, transport, and health as the report also recommends. The Government must now form an action plan - with clear budgets, timelines, and with actions assigned to various Government Departments and Agencies-  to address the real issues of poverty and social exclusion highlighted by the report.”


“Finally, we would highlight that the survey informing the report was difficult to access for those who need information in accessible formats. Despite this, the needs of people with an intellectual disability are included in the report, which is welcome. It is disappointing that there was no information provided in accessible formats with the publication of the report. Regardless of the level of support need, people deserve to have information they can understand about cost of disability which will impact directly and significantly on their lives.”


The Six Disability/Mental Health Umbrella Organisations are:

Disability Federation of Ireland

Inclusion Ireland - The National Association for People with an Intellectual Disability

Independent Living Movement Ireland

Mental Health Reform

National Disability Services Association

National Federation of Voluntary Service Providers


For further enquiries please contact John Dolan on 086 – 795 7467