Disability organisations have worked night and day to respond Covid – 19

May 8 2020

DFI welcomes the announcement by the government of an €40 million allocation to support the sector’s continued viability. This is a welcome support to begin to address the funding issues in the sector.

“Disability organisations have worked night and day to respond Covid – 19. They have adapted to the many restrictions to maintain direct supports to people with disabilities” said John Dolan CEO of DFI


COVID-19 has threatened disability organisations’ viability, both through additional costs and a loss of fundraising and earned income. DFI welcomes government action to address this crucial issue. We welcome the commitment to support the Community and Voluntary infrastructure which is delivering for the people of Ireland during COVID-19.


John added “Support is badly needed. A recent sample survey or our member organisations showed that:


  • 37% of organisations are concerned they won’t be viable after 6 months
  • 45% of organisations have laid off or are preparing to lay off staff
  • Essential services are threatened for 55% of organisations due to loss of fundraised income
  • There were losses to date of more than €50,000 for most organisations”


We have been calling for this support from the beginning, and there is an urgent need for financial support for the already underfunded disability organisations to ensure they can continue operating.

Today’s decision is a welcome start from the Government to address the crisis in funding in the community and voluntary sector. It is important that funding is now urgently allocated to the most affected charities and voluntary groups. We look forward to engaging more with the government as the extent of the impact of COVID-19 becomes clearer and we assess the need for further stability measure and supports. We will now examine the detail of the funding scheme which has been announced and consult our membership on the proposal, before responding in more detail.


For more information contact:

John Dolan, CEO- 086 795 7467

Allen Dunne, Deputy CEO- 086 850 2112