DFI seeks commitment from Political Parties

December 6 2011


Local authorities must deepen their commitment to disability

Press Release 28th May 2009

The Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) has sought commitments from the main political parties in the context of forthcoming local elections.

John Dolan, Chief Executive of the DFI said today,

“We are very keen to ensure that commitments to disability are understood, deepened and localised especially in relation to the work of each local authority. Government prioritized disability in its own Programme and this commitment is under pressure. It is imperative that priority is given to disability at all levels of government”

The DFI has sought the following commitment from the main political parties.

  • That the National Disability Strategy (NDS) needs to be protected and advanced during the recession, while acknowledging the current economic challenges.
  • That implementation of the NDS has to take place at local and community level to ensure necessary supports to people with disabilities and their families.
  • That each Local Authority is in a unique leadership position to develop, deliver and otherwise support delivery of the necessary services and facilities through maximising its relationship with the voluntary disability sector and statutory agencies locally.
  • That each Local Authority should develop a plan with routine evaluation with the intention of maximising the availability of services and supports for people with disabilities in line with the NDS.
  • That each Local Authority will routinely engage with the voluntary disability sector in a structured fashion to measure and discuss progress with NDS.
  • That you will inform your local candidates that you are committed to the above approach.

John Dolan went on to say,

“Quite incredibly the disability sector has experienced extremely severe funding cuts in the past year and this is now impacting in different ways on close to 500,000 people all around the country. Local authorities and local politicians must always take an informed lead role in seeking to improve local disability services and current local election candidates will be hearing this on the doorstep”

Further information contact-

John Dolan, Chief Executive, 086-8370072

Allen Dunne, Deputy Chief Executive, 086-8502112

Wally Young, Young Communications, 01 6680530, 087 2471520