DFI Deeply Concerned with proposed cuts from An Board Snip

December 6 2011


Press Release 17th July 2009

The Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI), following an analysis of the Snip Report, published yesterday, is deeply concerned about the potential impact of the recommendations on the lives of people with disabilities. Our key concerns include;

  • A proposed cut of €50 million in funding to voluntary disability organisations providing disability and mental health services
  • A €60 million reduction to the funding of Special Needs Assistants
  • Cut backs to a variety of programs in the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs
  • The 5% reduction in the rate of Disability Allowance

Government has repeatedly stated their commitment to people with disabilities. The Programme for Government 2007 states

“This Government is determined to continue to prioritise the interests of people with disabilities over the next five years, through a series of significant measures”.

These proposed cuts(Snip) are of immense concern, as funding for disability services has been cut repeatedly over the last two years, a process which commenced well before the current recession became evident. The effects of recent cuts are already being felt by disabled people and their families all around the country. Allen Dunne, Deputy CEO of DFI speaking today said,

“The harsh reality is that there are still substantial unmet needs, and people with disabilities are already very vulnerable. That’s what disability does to people. Therefore their capacity to survive repeated knocks is very limited.”

Allen Dunne stated,

DFI is deeply concerned with the proposed cuts. However we are eager to work with Government to identify ways of responding to the recession that would maximise the outcomes for people with disabilities despite curtailed funding.”

Allen Dunne went on to state,

“Implementing the cuts proposed in addition to cuts experienced to date, threatens to undermine and damage Governments own investment in disability. DFI call on Government to introduce a cross Departmental five year plan to protect the implementation of the National Disability Strategy during the recession - and demonstrate its commitment to protecting people with disabilities against the worst effects of the recession”


For contact/ interviews

Allen Dunne, Deputy CEO, DFI, 086 8502112

Joanne McCarthy, Senior Executive Officer- Policy and Research, 086 0440178