DFI welcomes prioritisation of Disability and Mental Health

February 23 2011


23rd February 2011

DFI welcomes prioritisation of Disability and Mental Health

DFI is pleased that Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore, both Leaders likely to be involved in the next government, have publicly expressed their commitment to addressing disability and mental health as the priority social justice and equality issue to be pursued by the next Government.

John Dolan, Chief Executive of the DFI said today,

"Disability can and does affect people and families in every circumstance and situation in Ireland, from childhood to old age and across all people and groups that are vulnerable and marginalised, and in that way it makes sense to have it as a priority issue. Disability is a societal and cross cutting issue, it is not a narrow sectoral matter. Disabled people and their families are in no way immune from the effects of unemployment, pay cuts, reductions in income supports and difficulties in accessing necessary services. The protection of income supports and services for the 750,000 people with disabilities is vital at this time".

DFI along with it’s member organisations are committed to working in partnership with the next Government to ensure that supports are protected and that further progress can be made as we come out of the recession.

DFI is looking forward to the detail of the Programme for Government to see how the commitment to disability is addressed in an integrated and whole of Government way and we are happy to assist.


For contact, John Dolan, Chief Executive, 086-8370072

Allen Dunne, Deputy Chief Executive, 086-8502112