Press Release 7th September 2010

September 23 2010

vunerable woman 1

Supporting the call by Fr Sean Healy at its meeting today of the C&V Pillar that

“Government is failing to protect the vulnerable - this must and can be reversed in Budget 2011” that Ireland should develop and implement a plan to ensure an integrated national recovery programme strategy just as it developed a plan to protect the banking sector.

John Dolan Chief Executive Officer of the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) remarked

“that the disability sector is still waiting for the production of a plan by Government to protect services and supports to disabled people as it committed to doing in the Renewed Programme for Government November ’09.[i]

He went on to say

“It is difficult to see how Government can continue to state that it is committed to implementing the National Disability Strategy (NDS) without the plan in place and we are now in a vital period in the run up to the Budget”

·[i] We will publish a “NDS Recession Implementation Plan”, central to which will be the availability of accessible public and social services to vindicate the rights of people with disabilities to full participation within the State. (Renewed programme for Government Oct ’09)