Update on the Neuro-Mapping Project with work plan to July 2024

March 15 2024, 11:46am

Work Plan to July 2024

As part of understanding the current pathways that are available for people with neuro rehabilitative needs, between January and June an engagement exercise is being undertaken in CHO 2,3 and 6.  Face to face and online meetings are being held with service users who have neuro rehabilitative needs in each of these CHO regions, and already 30 service users have engaged in the project.  We are also holding engagement sessions with those providing services for people with neuro-rehabilitative needs in these CHO regions.  The schedule for the engagement is outlined in the chart highlighted on this page. 

As specific meeting dates are confirmed they will be updated on this page. 

If you want to find out why it is important to get involved in this project, please see the videos below from the service user representatives on the Steering Group: 


You can also contact Nicola O’Malley Research Officer if you have any questions Nomalley@nai.ie or 083 375 9666. 

Click here for the background information on the Neuro-Mapping Project Phase 2.