Clonakilty Access Group asks householders to cut back hedges and trees growing onto public footpaths

February 27 2024, 09:36am

Time to cut back

Clonakilty Access Group is making an appeal to householders with hedges, trees and shrubs growing onto public footpaths to please cut them back before Friday 1 March.

The group is highlighting that in some areas of town, this is a problem where vegetation in isolated properties encroaches onto footpaths, which in some cases are already quite narrow. This creates a problem and sometimes danger for pedestrians, and in particular people with mobility issues, wheelchair-users and visually-impaired people passing by who in some cases need to step off narrow footpaths onto the road in order to pass by.

The Access Group is also issuing their annual spring appeal to premises that put up hanging baskets and floral displays to please ensure that they plan ahead so that these do not impede passers by. Over the last few years a small number of business premises have hung these floral displays at a low level which when they grow during the season; cause an impediment to some people walking by. It is a real issue of concern for locals with visual impairments, and the Access Group appeals to them to hang their flowers higher up in 2024.