NAI's 20 year commitment to those living with a neurological condition

July 26 2023, 09:00am

NAI Spotlight Final

The Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) are one of DFI's Members and we are delighted to have the opportunity to feature them in our Member Spotlight this month as they mark their 20th anniversary this year. 

DFI's Communications Manager Brenda Drumm met with Mags Rodgers, Executive Director of NAI  and spoke to her about their work. 

NAI is committed to highlighting and addressing the challenges facing people who live with a neurological condition. Their vision is an Ireland where people experiencing neurological conditions can achieve their best in life. Their mission is to be the Alliance that collectively advocates with and for all people experiencing neurological conditions 

Commenting on the work of NAI, Mags said that the NAI grew from a small number of organisations that came together 20 years ago under the motto unity is strength." She said they have grown to an umbrella organisation that now works with 30 plus organisations to support the more than 800,000 Irish people living with a neurological condition. 

Speaking to the recruitment and retention crisis in disability services Mags said, "Voluntary organisations are used to challenges. They are resilient. They are probably too resilient. They face challenges over and over again." 

Mags went on to say, "Organisations are losing staff. Staff want to work in patient organisations. They are committed but organisations can't compete on a level playing field.  They can't work harder through this crisis. It is an insurmountable obstacle for them until the Government steps in and resources them properly. This is something that shoould never have happened!"

Listen to the interview with Mags in full here

Watch her NAI Postcard here on Tik Tok. 

You can find out more about the work of NAI here