The Neuro-Mapping Project

March 30 2023, 12:38pm

Neuro Mapping Project

Mapping existing services provided by the voluntary sector for people living with neurological disabilities/conditions in the community. 

Minister Anne Rabbitte has today launched a report on the Neuro-Mapping Project which is a joint partnership between the Health Service Executive (HSE), the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) and the Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI).

The Neuro-Mapping Report, which was funded by the Strengthening Disability Fund, describes the breadth of community services across the country that people with neurological conditions can access from voluntary organisations, and identifies a number of joint service initiatives between voluntary organisations and the HSE.

The report highlights that the vast majority of the 800,000 people living with neurological conditions across Ireland, live within the community.

It also shows that there are over 60 community based voluntary organisations supporting those people, providing a wide variety of services in response to their needs.

Click here for the Neuro-Mapping Project Report 

Click here for the Service Mapping Template 

Click here for a Summary Leaflet which offers an Overview of the Report and the Next Steps 

Click here for an audio version of the Summary Leaflet 


Please note that while this landing page went live for the purpose of having a link to add to printed materials, the report itself was not published until 19 April 2023.