Galway City and Wicklow Making all the Right Moves

August 31 2020, 12:40pm

Group of people standing on square two with service dogs

Recently, we explained why DFI are concerned about how new mobility plans, put in place to allow for social distancing, are affecting physical access for people with disabilities.

We must also acknowledge the many positive examples where Local Authorities have taken effective approaches. Here we focus on Galway and Wicklow but we know they’re not the only local authorities stepping up to the mark.

Galway City Council 

Since the introduction of mobility plans, DFI have been working alongside Galway Access for All, Galway City Partnership and Galway City Community Network, PPN with Galway City Council’s Covid-19 Temporary Mobility Planning Team. The planning team have: 

  • Consulted with Galway Chamber of Commerce and local businesses in relation to on-street queues and street furniture to ensure they do not have a negative impact on accessibility. 
  • Agreed permits to extend onto public thoroughfares can be removed, if they impede accessibility and public safety.
  • Engaged the assistance of Community Wardens to monitor the public realm.
  • Provided public information on where streetscapes are temporarily altered.
  • Provided a local media campaign to highlight accessibility issues and create public awareness.
  • Agreed to provide public information if disabled parking spaces need to be temporarily moved and where the relocated parking points are.
  • Agreed to complete a walkabout safety audit with Galway Access for All. 

Wicklow County Council 

DFI has been working in close partnership with Wicklow County Council, WCC, for a number of years. When Mobility Plans were announced, WCC were already taking steps to ensure that consultation with people with disabilities could be made more effective. For the future they aim for this consultation to be embedded as part of a “whole of Local Government approach”. 

This will be achieved by a Local Authority led Steering Group with representation from across all departments, elected representatives, and external multi-stakeholder representation. The Interim Mobility Plan will be reviewed by the group as a priority when they meet this month.

If changes to your area have impacted on how well you can access the places you need to go, please let us know. Email or call 01