It's official - State benefits from C&V Sector

February 28 2019, 03:13pm


DFI welcomes the launch today by Minister Simon Harris of the Independent Review Group report examining the role of voluntary organisations in health and social care. 

“By being rooted in their communities’ voluntary organisations are responsive to local needs and can advocate on behalf of the best interests of service users,” says the Review.

A copy can be found here.

A key finding from the report's 24 recommendations is that Ireland benefits from having a voluntary sector. It recommends that C&V Sector should continue to play an integral part in the delivery of health and social care services.

Welcoming the publication of the report Minister Harris said, “it provides a timely reminder of the contribution that voluntary organisations continue to make in the delivery of health and social care services across the country”.

DFI in particular welcomes the Report's recommendation for a renewal of the relationship between the State and the sector.

DFI's own submission was mirrored in the Review in notable recommendations including:

·         A review of the governance arrangements of voluntary organisations, including in areas of compliance with modern corporate governance and the training of board members

·         The development of a list of essential services to be funded by the state which should be agreed in consultation with the voluntary sector

·         The development of a Charter for official recognition of the relationship between the State and the sector to be drafted in consultation with the sector

·         The establishment of a Forum to facilitate regular dialogue between the State and the sector

·         A revision of Service Arrangement and Grand Aid Agreements in accordance with the level of funding received

·         The HSE to develop a set of principles and processes government information requests

·         To manage deficits the Department of Health and Public Expenditure and Reform should undertake a review of the financial position of voluntary organisations

·         The need for a move to multi-annual budgets


This is an important development for all organisations involved in the delivery of health and social care services. DFI will continue to engage with the Department of Health to support the implementation of these recommendations.