Standoff cruel and senseless - DFI calls for talks on Nurses's Strike

February 7 2019, 02:28pm

Dublin Feb. 7th 2018, Disability Federation of Ireland, DFI


Statement from DFI calling for talks on Nurses’ Strike


Accessing appropriate health care was already a struggle for people with disabilities – we now urgently need to see both sides sitting down and working towards a resolution of the nurses’ strike. DFI has no interest in taking sides. We simply say the current standoff is both senseless and cruel in light of the chaos coming down the line as the strike intensifies.


Today we are highlighting just one case that could represents any of the 643,131 people living with a disability. Declan has an appointment for a catheter change next Tuesday in Cork. His multiple sclerosis puts him at high risk of urinary tract infection,(UTI), a condition severe enough to see him hospitalised twice last year, once for 10 days and again for another 14.


Does he, and many more, have to go back to our over-burdened hospitals before both sides sit down and find agreement? Our CEO,  Senator John Dolan said, "An agreement must be found, we see no point in delaying the inevitable and call on both sides to come together without further delay."