Make Way Day in 2018 went nationwide and build on last year’s success

November 30 2018, 12:07pm

19 local authorities took part, and three major charities all co-ordinated by the Disability Federation of Ireland. 

The campaign is a friendly reminder that cars or vans pulled up on footpaths mean the end of the road for a person in a wheelchair.

At a glance, the campaign:

  • Featured on RTE News TV and RTE Radio 1, Morning Ireland with Sean O’Rourke,
  • Reached over one million people on Facebook alone
  • Trended no.1 on Twitter for over 4 hours
  • Featured in 27 Newspaper articles
  • Was spoken about on 18 Regional radio stations
  • Featured in Numerous Online publications, including

The Disability Federation of Ireland believes that most of the obstacles are due to thoughtlessness and a lack of awareness on behalf of the wider public. “People just don’t think and our experience with this campaign is that once they’re reminded, with the sticker or by our online photos and videos, they’re willing to change,” said DFI’s Communications Manager, Clare Cronin.

Last year's reaction was very heartening, people supported the campaign on social media and throughout the year local authorities over the country have passed a motion establishing a Make Way Day in their area and calling on the Taoiseach and the Government to establish a national Make Way Day.

This continues to be our goal in 2018. One day a year when the needs of people with disabilities, over 13% of the population are highlighted in public spaces and in society generally."

We have already begun work on next year’s campaign and hope to have all 31 local authorities involved in 2019.