West Region Platform April 2016

February 26 2016, 10:02am


The next DFI West Region Platform Meeting will be held on Thursday, 07 April in the Disabled Drivers Association (DDA) Co. Mayo.

Throughout the year we deliver platforms based on themes and issues in regard to disability policy and practice as they arise for our members of organisations and individuals with disabilities, as well as the wider community and voluntary sector. Please note for this platform we will be focusing on updating organisations on disability policy updates, HSE structures and changes, and regional DFI organisations specific updates. A complete agenda will be uploaded to this page and circulated closer to the event.

The details for the event:

(which, as ever, is free – including the lunch and pastries!) are as follows:

Date: Thursday, 07 April 2016
Start Time: 11:00 am (tea / coffee and compulsory pastries)
End Time: 1:00 pm (tea / coffee and if there are many of us travelling we’II arrange a light lunch to follow)
Venue: The new meeting room of the Disabled Drivers Association (DDA), Ballindine, Claremorris, Co. Mayo. With our gratitude to DDA and Mayo CIL for hosting the meeting! (The venue is fully accessible.)
Map: www.ddai.ie/contact

We hope that this event will continue to encourage a sharing of experiences and expertise and, more importantly, the building of strong links and networks between organisations.We would encourage you to ask one of your Board / Committee to attend.

Click here to email me today to confirm your organisations attendance – letting me know any support or dietary requirement you may have. You’re also welcome to phone Cathy on 086 384 7440 for any queries.

Le meas,

Cathy McGrath

Disability Federation of Ireland

Background - what is a DFI Platform?

To support continued communication, and opportunities to network, consult and share information and advice, we have what we call DFI Regional Platforms. This structure has a general agenda to:

  • Create the opportunity for, and to facilitate, the coming together of organisations within the region.
  • Learn more about the individual organisations within the region, their work and the challenges that they are often faced with.
  • Provide support to smaller / niche organisations in their work.
  • Facilitate and encourage the work of local organisations within the HSE and Local Government Structures.
  • Share regular policy updates.