CIB launch new booklet on Entitlements for Children with Disabilities

January 24 2014, 03:02pm

Entitlement for children with Disabilities

The Citizens Information Board has a particular remit to help people with disabilities identify and understand their needs and options. It has just published a new booklet: Entitlements for children with disabilities.

The booklet aims to give the parents and carers of children with disabilities - from newly diagnosed babies to adult children - a road map to the services and supports available and how they work. The booklet covers the role of public social services as well as the voluntary sector, explains how services are delivered and outlines the roles and function of people on the ground - from public health nurses and occupational therapists to Special Educational Needs Organisers (SENOs) and resource teachers.

Topics covered include health services, payments, tax credits and reliefs, education, working and caring, travel, assistive technologies, housing grants, children's rights, and how to enforce them. The booklet also gives contact details and sources of information so parents can find out what is available for their child in their area.

For copies of the booklet and for further information please see CIB website here