Development Activities in Hospice/Palliative Care Application Process is now open

January 8 2014, 12:02am

Irish Hospice Foundation

Irish Hospice Foundation Development Scheme


As part of its mission to support the development of hospice/palliative care, the Irish Hospice Foundation operates a number of grant schemes. These grants offer development opportunities to those who provide or who work in hospice/palliative care services – and to others – in line with the Foundation’s strategic plan.

Scheme A : Development Activities in Hospice/Palliative Care Application Process is now open.

Grants under this scheme are aimed at assisting development initiatives which reflect national policy at each of the three levels of palliative care. Please note that capital development is excluded. Applications must demonstrate rigour and sound evaluation, and applicants are reminded that the emphasis must be clearly on the development of services. Research applications will not be accepted.

This scheme is open to clinicians, other professionals and/or managers in hospice/palliative care in Ireland. While it is also open to applicants from outside the field of specialist palliative care, a link to a palliative care service provider must be demonstrated - for example, applications in relation to such areas as heart failure, dementia, etc. are welcome, but will require a co-applicant from within specialist palliative care.

Application forms and details of the scheme are available on the Irish Hospice Foundation website here: