Seanad Reform Bill 2013

May 16 2013, 05:02pm


Launched 12th May 2013

The Seanad Reform Bill 2013 was launched on the 12th May and it was debated in the Seanad yesterday, 15th May 2013. The cabinet decided not to oppose the Bill which now was proposed by Senator Catherine Zappone and Senator Fergal Quinn.

Government officials have indicated that this will not change the Government’s plan to hold a referendum on whether to abolish the Seanad in the Autumn or whether to keep it in its current form.

The option to reform the Seanad will form a key part of the “no” campaign against abolition of the Seanad.

A link to the Bil is available here:

DFI looks forward to greater engagement on this issue over the coming months. If you would like further information on this please contact Joan O'Donnell on or mobile number: 0863834587