Invite to Tender for Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) and Not for Profit Business Association (NFPBA) Research on the Nature, Level and Extent of Community Based Services provided by Voluntary Disability Organisations

July 10 2012, 03:02pm


July 2012

Recent reports on the HSE’s Disability Services Programme are guiding decision-makers on the reform agenda. However DFI and NFPBA are concerned that the analysis of the challenges for reform is based on an examination of only a portion of the health and personal support services on which the population who have disabilities relies. This research aims to capture the nature, scope, level, and quality of the community based services provided to people with disabilities and their families by voluntary disability organisations. It seeks to describe and capture the value of this work through an in-depth exploration of the services provided by a sample of physical, sensory, and neurological disability organisations to people with disabilities in their communities. A case study of similar community based services to people with intellectual disabilities will also be included.

The proposed methodology will involve a review of documentation, and qualitative interviews with both people using disability services and staff working in voluntary disability organisations.

Profile of Consultant:

Candidates should ideally have research experience in health or disability related research; experience of qualitative research, and of using a human rights framework approach to research.

Tender Format:

Tenders will be assessed based on the following criteria. Any other information deemed relevant to the research can also be included:

  • Understanding of research aim and objectives
  • Proposed Methodology (including proposed report structure). Applicants are invited to suggest the particular methods they intend to employ within the framework of the research approach outlined above.
  • Project Management
  • Details of personnel working on the research
  • Timeframe for research
  • Proposed Budget (costs and days involved must be indicated for each activity of the project)
  • Possession of a Tax Clearance Certificate


Funding available for the research is in the range of €12,000 - €14,000. This includes VAT and all expenses, travel etc. All costs quoted must be in euro, inclusive of VAT (where applicable).

It is envisaged that the research will take 2 months, to be completed by the end of September 2012

Timeframe for Submission of Tenders:

The closing date for receipt of tenders is 20th of July 2012.

For a more detailed Request for Tender document, please contact Dr Joanne McCarthy, Disability Federation of Ireland at, or contact by phone on 01-4547978 or Clodagh O’ Brien, Not For Profit Business Association at, or contact by phone on 01-4293600.