The Office of the Ombudsman release Annual Report 2011

June 26 2012, 01:02pm


26th June 2012

The Office of the Ombudsman has released its Annual Report for 2011.

In relation to disability the report states:

“Yet again, as in previous years the relatively low number of complaints received under the Disability Act, 2005 is disappointing. It is vitally important that people with a disability know their rights on access to services and information and when they are not happy, that they are aware that they have a right of recourse to me as Ombudsman to examine their unresolved complaints.

It is also crucial that both professional and non–professional people involved in the disability sector are knowledgeable about the Disability Act, 2005 and the Ombudsman’s remit. Just five complaints were made to me in 2011 under the Disability Act, 2005, down two as compared with 2010.” P.22 (Chapter 2.1)

The Office of the Ombudsman has tweeted in relation to Disability Access the following:

"Ombudsman only got 7 disability access complaints. Worryingly small. "Spread word to people you know with a disability" - Ombudsman's Office‏@OfficeOmbudsman Twitter account can reply or re-tweet this.

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