Access Guide for Dublin 2012

June 1 2012, 12:02am

Accessiblity here

Dublin City Council is looking to raise awareness, increase use, and expand the online Access Guide for Dublin (

The Access Guide is an online informative tool that provides people with disabilities, their families, friends and carers, parents with young children, older people and people with short and long term injuries with accessible information on venues before they leave their home.

The Access Guide has accessible information on approximately 1000 premises in Dublin, ranging from restaurants, hotels, pubs, cinemas, recreation, sports and leisure centres, libraries and many more.

Dublin City Councilwould be grateful if you could help them raise awareness by:

  1. Distributing the information to your members
  2. Linking the Access Guide for Dublin onto your organisations website
  3. Allowing them to include information in publications produced by your organisation
  4. Link with them on Facebook:

The feedback they have received concludes that this service has the potential to be extremely beneficial to those that face accessibility barriers on a daily basis.

The success of the Access Guide will depend on people being made aware about it, and using it.

If you want more information please contact: Tom Johnson,Senior Access Officer, Dublin City Council

Tel: 01 222 3468 / 2194 / 6706