Irish Hospice Foundation launches “Think Ahead” Project

October 1 2011, 09:02am

Irish Hospice Foundation

Irish people are being urged to think about and pre-record their wishes in the event of serious illness or death, using the Think Ahead form launched in October at the Forum on End of Life in Ireland.


The Forum ( is an Irish Hospice Foundation initiative which began in 2009, conceived in order to open up dialogue about all matters relating to dying, death and bereavement which might be of concern to Irish people.

Think Ahead

The Think Ahead project has formed a key part of the Forum's work this year. A detailed Think Ahead form has been prepared, which allows people to fill in their personal details and other information which could be crucial at some time in the future in ensuring that their wishes and preferences are known to others - family, emergency services, hospital services, solicitor, etc.

Dedicated website

The form is divided into six sections: Key Information, Care Preferences, Legal Matters, Financial Matters, When I Die and Sharing of Information, with an appendix entitled Where to Find My Important Documents. Visit for more information.