Survey for People with Disabilities

September 19 2011, 12:02am


Please see the following about an Online Survey for People with Disabilities and share the information as widely as possible.

Rape Crisis Network Ireland and the Centre for Disability Law and Policy at NUI, Galway, are studying information that has been collected in Ireland and elsewhere about sexual violence experienced by people with disabilities. We are including information about people with mental health difficulties and people in the deaf community.

We invite people with disabilities to complete a short online survey about what stops you talking about experiences of sexual violence.

Please follow this link to the survey

What is sexual violence?

Sexual violence or abuse is when anyone does something to you in a sexual way that you do not want them to do. You can experience sexual violence from anyone, including people you are related to. Sexual violence can happen anywhere, including at home or at work.

Examples of sexual violence are:

  • Someone making you do sexual things that make you sad, angry, afraid or ashamed.
  • Someone touching you in a sexual way where you do not want to be touched.
  • Someone making you touch them on their private parts.
  • Someone making you take your clothes off or have sex when you do not want to.
  • Someone taking photographs of you with no clothes on.

Help us to improve society

Help us to improve public understanding, supports and protection for people with disabilities by completing the survey. There are only 9 questions to be answered. We will not collect your name or reveal your identity.

You may also want to take part in a one-day workshop to help us learn more after you have completed the survey. The workshop will be a safe place for you and other people taking part to talk about what stops you, or people you know, from telling anyone if you have experienced sexual violence.

The workshop is important because it will help everyone to understand what stops people with disabilities who have experienced sexual violence from telling anyone about it. When we know the reasons, we can develop ways to help people tell someone if they have experienced sexual violence.

If you complete this survey you can apply to take part in the workshop

If you have a disability, whether physical, sensory, intellectual, mental health or other, and you complete this survey you can apply to take part in the workshop. Contact details are at the end of survey.

When: 29th September 2011

Where: NUI Galway, Galway City