Greater Dublin Independent Living Mentoring Service

August 30 2011, 04:02pm

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Peer one to one mentoring for people with disabilities

GDIL's Mentoring Service is aimed at linking people with disabilities who are having difficulties in their lives with other people with disabilities who have been through similar situations.

The aims of the service are to:

  • To promote solidarity between people with disabilities
  • To assist people to begin to advocate for themselves and realise their potential towards having a more independent life.

It aims to work on a one-on-one basis where the mentor willingly shares their own experiences, difficulties and knowledge of Independent Living with others who are experiencing them currently and in doing so support them in their choices and decisions.

For example, GDIL hope to offer support to people with disabilities who are:

  • living in residential settings or in the family home and who are planning to move to their own accommodation
  • those who are already living independently and who are seeking support around issues such as: managing personal assistants (PAs)
  • any issue in the areas of applying for employment, arranging personal transport, planning holidays, applying for housing, social welfare, healthcare provision or any other issue

There is a proactive approach behind this project and any pair of “mentor and mentee” will be goal orientated towards reaching some aim/aims, the mentors will offer practical advice but the process demands that the mentee also engages in the process. Part of the objective is to set attainable results in the allocated amount of time.

The service is up and running!

If you are interested in the service or know someone who could benefit from the service we can be contacted through Greater Dublin Independent Living’s Main Office on 01-8737039 and ask to speak with Valarie or Sinead or email

Macro resource Centre
1 Green Street,
Dublin 7.
Ph: 01-8737039