Make Way Day 2023

22 September 2023, 1:00am - 11:59am

Make Way Day is coming to a street where you live on Friday 22 September 2023

Make Way Day is an annual campaign to make way on our streets for people with disabilities and to raise public awareness about the problems caused by obstacles blocking footpaths.

The backbone of this campaign are people with disabilities and they will be out and about tomorrow with disability groups and local organisations reminding the public to make way for people with disabilities.

Disability groups and organisations will be using Make Way Day this year to once again highlight obstacles such as:

  • Cars or vans parked on a footpath blocking the way
  • Bicycles/motorbikes chained to lamp posts creating a trip hazard for a visually impaired person.
  • Illegally placed sandwich boards, forgotten bins, barrels and other obstructions

Get in touch with us if there is something you are planning for #MakeWayDay23. Email us. You can also share your plans on social media using our hashtag #MakeWayDay23

We will have resources available closer to the day and our online survey tool will also be available once again on the