Local Implementation on the UN CRPD - update on DFI project

March 27 2024, 08:37am


Over the course of many years, we have undertaken community development work with our member organisations, their service owners, disabled people in local and national settings, Local Authorities, other voluntary organisations and a variety of Public Bodies and agencies across the country.

As an outcome of this work, we are now undertaking a research project examining the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, UN CRPD, at local level; specifically within Local Government structures and programmes.  

While each of the 31 Local Authorities is working towards UN CRPD implementation, different models and approaches are being employed to meet requirements. There is also some evidence that informal partnerships and collaborations are taking place to progress local implementation, but to date, these have not been formalised or coordinated at Local Government level.  

This DFI project aims to investigate this further; gathering evidence to inform improved coordination and delivery of UN CRPD at a local level; ultimately to have a positive impact for disabled people.  

The project commenced in February of this year following a successful tender process. Two consultants, Dr. Mary Keogh and Dr. Charles O’Mahony were commissioned to undertake this work.  

Phase one, currently underway, includes desk-based research, a review of the literature and a review of relevant policy and legislative frameworks. 

Phase two of the project, will include primary data collection with disabled people; local government officials; expert informants and representatives from national agencies.  

A project advisory group of expert stakeholders has also been convened and the first meeting of this group was held earlier this month.  

Preliminary findings from the project are expected to be available in Q3 2024.    

For further information please email Dr Emer Begley, DFI's Director of Advocacy.