EU Parliament’s position paves the way for ambitious European Disability Card

January 11 2024, 02:52pm


The European Disability Forum (EDF) of which DFI is a member, has welcomed the European Parliament’s official position on the proposed Directive for a European Disability Card and a European Parking Card adopted by unanimity in a vote at the Employment and Social Affairs Committee. The position clearly reflects the demands of persons with disabilities. It also means that negotiations between the EU institutions on the final text can now begin, the final phase of the EU decision-making procedure.

The EDF has thanked the European Parliament for actively involving organisations of persons with disabilities while drafting it. They especially welcome:

  • the demand for the European Disability Card to grant temporary access to allowances, support and social security when moving for work and study.
  • the provisions to access support when taking part in EU Mobility Programmes.
  • the proposal to reduce the time of transposition and implementation of the European Disability Card – the Card must not take too long to become a reality.

Thanks are also due to the lead negotiator, MEP Lucia Ďuriš Nicholsonová, and all the Members of the European Parliament who advocated for the rights of persons with disabilities in this file.

The EDF is now calling on the negotiators from the European Parliament and the Council of the EU to achieve a speedy, ambitious agreement on the European Disability Card and European Parking Card. A deal without loopholes that ensures little delay between the publication of the text and its transposition and issuance of the Cards. The final text also needs to deliver ambitious Cards underpinned by funding and clear information in multiple languages on how to access their different benefits and discounts.

Yannis Vardakastanis, President of the European Disability Forum, said, "We thank MEP Nicholsonová and all the Members of the European Parliament involved in advancing our demands in this file – the European Parliament proves, once again, to be on the side of persons with disabilities. We now ask for a strong and speedy agreement that ensures persons with disabilities can use these Cards as soon as possible!"

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Photo: Image of a mock up of a disability card which is like an ID card or credit card.