Disability Federation of Ireland calls for all parties to work towards a fair and sustainable resolution to stop Section 39 strike action

October 16 2023, 11:55am

John Dolan quote on Section 39

With just 24 hours to go to indefinite strike action by Section 39-funded organisations, John Dolan, CEO of the Disability Federation of Ireland is calling on all parities to continue to work to find a sustainable and fair resolution so as the strike action can be called off.

John said, "It is clear from listening to various Ministers and commentators speaking over the weekend and today that attempts are being made to put in place a solution to stop the planned strike action in Section-39 funded organisations.

"I would encourage all parties to keep their shoulder to the wheel on this because if this strike goes ahead it will be disastrous at a number of levels, not least for disabled people and for their families.

"No one wants this strike, least of all the disabled people, the workers and the disability organisations but, they have all watched what inadequate funding has done to their services and to the sector for the past number of years. Sadly, it had to come to this."

John concluded, "All parties now need to work towards a fair and sustainable solution. Anything less than that will see us back to square one with serious consequences for disabled people and their families, and at a wider level."