Wicklow County Council highlights the importance of their relationship with DFI as they approve a five year Disability and Inclusion strategy for the county

October 11 2023, 10:36am

Avondale Wicklow

The elected members of Wicklow County Council have approved the County Wicklow Disability and Inclusion Strategy 2023 to 2028 as proposed by Cllr Miriam Murphy and seconded by Cllr Tommy Annesley.

A great deal of work and consultation took place in the build-up to the strategy, led by the Disability Inclusion Steering Committee (DISC), of which DFI's Laura O'Callaghan is a member. 

Director of Services Michael Nicholson was keen to praise the involvement of Laura in the DISC. Wicklow County Council are the first and only local authority to have a relationship with DFI, who provide services to the council.

Mr Nicholson said, “Having Laura from the DFI is an absolute godsend for us because we have the full knowledge and the full importance of DFI in all our matters, and I think the members will agree, you can see the results across the county of that expertise.

"We were the first local authority to adopt the sunflower lanyard. We have a hidden disability progress-based project under way. We are the first local authority to have changing places within a public building. That has now spread to Avondale, with more to come.”

Commenting ahead of the public launch of the strategy later this month, Laura said, “We have an idea now of where people's priorities lie in terms of disability, and we aim to launch what we have come up with so far next month. It is this idea of equality versus equity, and it’s not the same for everybody across the board. It's giving people who needed a leg up where they need it and showing that this county can understand the value of equity over quality, is accessible for all and celebrates the fact that we are all different, but equal.”

If you would like to find out more about our work with Wicklow County Council please email Laura who is pictured (extreme right) above at a recent event at Avondale Beyond the Trees in Wicklow.