Make Way Day Thank You

September 25 2023, 02:23pm

Make Way Day Thank You 2023

Make Way Day 2023 took place on Friday 22 September. It was a day where disability activists and advocates, disability groups, access groups, DFI member organisations, county and city councils and more got involved to share the message of #MAkeWayDay which is about raising awareneess of the everyday obstaces that are placed in the way of people with disabilities in the public spaces that we all share. 

We had a really great campaign day and we have a lot of people to thank:

To the disability activists and advocates for sharing their daily lived experience of the issues 

To DFI member organisations for their enthusiastic support  

To all of local access and disability groups who held events, arranged photo ops and press events to get the #MakeWayDay  message out there

To elected representatives for their support of the campaign

To media outlets especially local radio and newspapers for their promotion of the day. 

To Fáilte Ireland, Bus Eireann and Irish Rail for their support on the day. 

To the many other other organisations who amplified our campaign.

To members of An Garda Síochána who were out with local groups on the day raiisng awareness of cars and vans parked on footpaths and running Operation Enable. 

All of this support saw #MakeWayDay23 trending all day on social media and claiming the number one spot which in turn amplifies the awareness raising message of day. 

Thank you.

See you next year!