DFI attends UNIC Project Conference in Brussels

September 18 2023, 09:58am

UNIC 13 September 2023

Pictured at a UNIC Project conference on 'Personal budgets: a human rights-based way to fund and organise support', which took place in Brussels on 13 September, are:

Front row: Dr Emer Begley, Director of Advocacy and Inclusion with DFI, Fionn Angus, Fionnathan Productions, and Maggie Woods, Áiseanna Tacaíochta, AT Network.  

Back row: Brian Higgins, Assistant National Director, HSE, Jonathan Angus, Fionnathan Productions and Lisa Fenwick, Community Development Officer with DFI. 

Fionn, Jonathan, Maggie and Brian all spoke as part of panel discussions at the conference.