Open letter from civil society on the Artificial Intelligence Act - signatures required

August 29 2023, 11:38am


The European Disability Forum (EDF) and the coalition of human rights organisations with which they are working on the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI) are circulating an open letter from civil society. The open letter can be signed by non-profit organisations, including those outside the EU, until 5 September.

The letter calls on the negotiating parties (in particular the European Parliament and the Council of the EU) to change course and return to the European Commission's original proposal as far as Article 6 is concerned. Article 6 of the proposed act regulates high-risk AI. Due to heavy industry lobbying, the current version of Article 6 introduces a major loophole. We fear that this will render the otherwise ambitiously worded safeguards against discriminatory and harmful AI applications, which can also affect people with disabilities, practically useless.

If you are interested in signing the open letter you can use this signature form here.