Enable Ireland team in Kerry Adult Services trial the new beach wheelchairs

July 7 2023, 11:25am

Beach Wheelchairs in Kerry

Recently the Enable Ireland team in Kerry Adult Services got a chance to use the new beach wheelchairs which have been provided by Kerry County Council (KCC) on nine of the county''s Blue Flag beaches. 

This the team's account of their experience: 

"Last week, we had the opportunity to try out the beach wheelchairs at Inch beach, and it was truly a fantastic experience. We were thrilled to see that KCC is taking steps to make our beaches more accessible for everyone. It is important to acknowledge and appreciate initiatives like this, as they make a significant difference in the lives of individuals with mobility challenges. By providing beach wheelchairs, KCC is enabling people of all abilities to enjoy the beauty and serenity of our coastal areas.

"The Beach wheelchairs are designed to navigate the sandy terrain with ease, allowing individuals to explore the beach and venture closer to the water. It was heartening to witness the joy on the faces of those who were able to access the beach and fully participate in beach activities.We believe that services like these should be more commonplace across all beaches, and it is our hope that local authorities and organizations will prioritize making beaches inclusive and accessible to all members of our community.

"If you or someone you know could benefit from the beach wheelchair service, we highly recommend reaching out to Kerry County Council for more information. www.kerrycoco.ie

"It's a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of our beaches without limitations. Let's continue to support and encourage initiatives that promote inclusivity and accessibility in our society. Together, we can create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone."

Tips for using Beach wheelchairs from the testers:

• Bring beach wheelchair to vehicle/carpark to transfer so you can leave your own wheelchair in vehicle.

• Bring cushions/neck cushion or rolled towel to support posture and prevent hip/knee from rubbing off side of beach wheelchair.

• You will need two people for a supported transfer as the person needs to be lifted up and over the arm rest to a lowered seat.



Photo shows two very happy beach wheelchair users on Inch Beach in Co Kerry.