Holocaust Memorial Day to be marked in Ireland on Sunday 29 January

January 20 2023, 11:59am

Holocaust Memorial Day 2023

Holocaust Memorial Day will be marked in Ireland on the evening of Sunday 29 January 2023 at a ceremony in The Round Room at the Mansion House, Dublin 2.

The commemoration cherishes the memory of all those who perished in the Holocaust and recalls the millions of innocent Jewish men, women and children and other victims, who were persecuted and murdered because of their ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliations or their religious beliefs. The commemoration ceremony will  include readings, survivors’ recollections, the Scroll of Names, candle-lighting and music. It will be attended by people from all walks of Irish life. It is a powerful and important occasion and very relevant to the disability community.

Self-advocate Gary Kearney will participate in the event by lighting one of the candles in memory of people with disabilities who were victims of the Holocaust.